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Satisfaction Guarantee

Diamond Imports is committed to the provision of high quality products. We believe that our customers’ transactions should be pleasant, convenient, safe and a satisfying shopping experience. Diamond Imports are in business to work with our clients and to make sure our clients receive the best possible service, understanding, education and quality verified diamonds that are possible. At Diamond Imports we stand behind the quality of our products. Diamond Imports offer an extensive product range and carefully selects the highest quality certified diamonds from around the world.

Diamond Imports is a 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney. Diamond Imports are diamond wholesalers and diamond importers. Whether you are looking for loose diamonds, certified diamonds, or wholesale diamonds - Diamond Imports have an extensive stock of diamonds to choose from and make buying diamonds an easy and safe process. Unlike many other diamond web sites we do not list any diamonds that are not owned by our company and we do not compile lists of diamonds that may be available from all around the world.

Diamond Imports categorically back and guarantee all of our diamonds and diamond jewellery to be of the highest quality and exactly as stated on our web site and the independent diamond certificate that accompanies the diamond. All our diamonds have been quality assured by us or our agents before shipping, delivery or passing to client.

Loose diamonds and or diamond jewellery will be shipped with the original laboratory certificates. If any additional documentation is available or requested such as local independent appraisals, valuations, or technical diamond reports, these items will also be included.

When buying diamonds online at Diamond Imports the customer has the satisfaction of knowing that they can rely on professional advice, expert guidance, detailed diamond information and an independent diamond certificate verifying the specifications of the diamond. Diamond Imports guarantees that all our diamonds are natural and have not undergone any enhancement whatsoever. Diamond Imports does not deal in conflict diamonds.

The qualified staff at Diamonds Imports are able to assist you with any enquiries you may have or if you are looking for a particular diamond that is not listed on our web site Contact Us with your enquiry. Diamond Imports understands that sometimes customers may wish to view a diamond in person before purchasing or they may need to discuss further their requirements. To arrange an appointment at our head office in Sydney please Contact Us. Diamond Imports requires identification to be emailed or faxed prior to any appointment.

 DCLA Diamond Guarantee
The diamond described by a DCLA Diamond Grading Report is guaranteed to be:

1. Accurately graded in accordance with the International Diamond Council and CIBJO standards for grading polished diamonds.

Incorrectly graded diamonds can represent a substantial loss to the consumer. The DCLA grades to the internationally accepted standards set by CIBJO and the IDC using accurate reference materials and procedures as set out by those bodies.

2. A natural mined diamond free of all known treatments.*

Synthetic diamonds and treated diamonds are of significantly lower value than their natural counterparts. The DCLA do not issue certificates for synthetic diamonds nor diamonds treated to enhance colour or purity.*

3. Conflict free and from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict.

Conflict diamonds, although negligible in numbers, represents a significant threat to consumer confidence and the appeal and status of diamonds as the symbol of love. The industry, together with governments and NGOs, developed the Kimberley Process and put in place a System of Warranties. DCLA subscribes to the System of Warranties.

The DCLA Diamond Guarantee is for the lifetime of the diamond subject to conditions.*

To validate a DCLA Diamond Guarantee register your diamond at www.dcla.com.au


Should you have grounds to believe your DCLA certified diamond is not of the carat weight or quality grades printed on the corresponding certificate, you may re-submit your diamond to DCLA.

If DCLA determines that either the weight or quality grade is different than the weight or quality grade originally assigned, or the diamond is not natural and untreated, DCLA will organise a replacement diamond for you of the quality printed on your original certificate.

As further assurance, if you continue to feel that the grades issued on your certificate are not accurate, you may opt to have the diamond shipped to any three of the following laboratories for additional gradings:

HRD Antwerp Diamond High Council, Belgium
GIA Gemological Institute of America, USA
AGS American Gem Society Laboratory, USA
SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute, Switzerland
Gubelin Gem Laboratory, Switzerland
GCAL Gem Certification and Assurance Laboratory, USA
DPL the Diamant Prueflabor Laboratory, Germany

If none of the laboratories listed concur with the gradings issued by DCLA, DCLA will pay all the additional certification and shipping fees, in addition to organising a replacement diamond of the quality printed on your original certificate.

If any of the laboratories provide the same gradings as DCLA, you will be responsible for the additional certification and shipping costs.


This guarantee is valid for consumers in possession all relevant purchase documentation including the original sales receipt and the original DCLA certificate.

The guarantee is rendered void if the diamond has been damaged, repolished, treated or altered in any way subsequent to certification by the DCLA.

The guarantee warrants that grades are in accordance with these standards at the time of grading. Laser drilled diamonds are allowed, by international standards, to be graded. The certificate will clearly state the presence of laser drilling.


Shopping online with Diamond Imports is as safe, if not safer, than shopping in an actual store.

When a customer registers, logs in or proceeds to the check out area, they are transferred to a secure server, which operates on 128bit SSL encryption. Personal information, order details and payment particulars are encrypted as they are sent to and from your computer. The GeoTrust SSL Certificate is displayed on our web site pages when you are on our secure server. You may check the validity of the server by clicking on the GeoTrust SSL Certificate.

Customers using a credit card should note that their credit card details are not stored on any Internet database and is not stored on the Diamond Imports server.

Information such as your name and address is stored on our server as a convenience to customers and for us to facilitate any customer service enquiries.

These details are kept behind a sign in gateway, secured by a username and password combination, and by keeping passwords safe, a customer restricts access to their personal details. To further ensure your privacy, make sure you sign out after using the shop, especially if you are using a shared computer, for example at work or at a web café. Note that a customer completing an order is automatically logged out after checking out.

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