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Diamond Comparison Policy

Comparing Diamonds Before You Buy - Visual Diamond Comparison

Diamond Imports does not simply offer a 'Price Match Policy'

We have a 'Diamond Comparison Policy' the real diamond comparison

Superior Quality Certified Diamonds
Comparing Certified Diamonds

 Compare Our Diamonds

Our diamonds are cut with exceptional standards and they are Independently Certified - DCLA, GIA, HRD or AGS. Our diamonds sparkle with excellent Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation. Most importantly, all our diamonds are in stock and we are confident that we have the highest quality certified diamonds.

We invite you to make a Diamond Comparison - seeing is believing

Diamond Imports adheres to an honest & real pricing system and does not offer false discounts, hold sales or negotiation on our diamond prices. We deal ethically and are confident that we offer competitive prices for superior quality certified diamonds without hidden extras. We provide the quality assurance of an Independently Certified diamond with complete disclosure of the diamond specifications and the diamond facts.

Diamond Imports does not charge extra for the Diamond Certificate. When you purchase a Certified Diamond from Diamond Imports you will receive the original Diamond Certificate. Diamond Imports does not give In-House Grading Certificates or Manufacturers' Grading reports and we only sell diamonds that have been certified by Independent Diamond Grading Laboratories. For added security and identification purposes the majority of our diamonds include laser inscription with the certificate number.

You can purchase diamonds securely online, by telephone consultation or in person by an appointment in our Sydney office. Diamond Imports does not charge extra or a premium price for the diamond because you wish to consult in person by appointment. Unlike other diamond web sites our prices are the same no matter which way you choose to purchase your diamond. We do not charge a commission or extra when you choose to pay using credit cards - Mastercard & Visa.

 Guaranteed Diamond Availibility

All the diamonds displayed on Diamond Imports are in stock

Unlike most other diamond web sites Diamond Imports does not drop ship, consign or advertise diamonds from other companies, act as a broker or advertise diamonds that are located overseas.

Most other diamond web sites do not own or physically hold the diamonds in stock that they have advertised online, or they only have a very limited diamonds in stock. So how can they offer advice and a professional opinion about a diamond that they have never seen? These same diamonds are also listed with hundreds of other jewellers and web site dealers around the world and the diamond may have already been sold.

Diamond Imports is able to Guarantee the Availibilty of all the diamonds listed on our web site and can offer professional advice because we have the diamonds in stock.

All our diamonds are in stock.

You are able to view any of the diamonds listed on our website, you can visably compare the diamonds and make an informed decision - no more diamond excel lists or talking about diamonds that may not be available or having to get the diamond in.

The true test to evaluate a diamond is to visually compare it next to other diamonds

 The Visual Diamond Comparison

Nothing beats seeing a diamond in person to determine the true quality visibly. Diamond appreciation is a very personal thing and different people will prefer different things about different diamonds. At the end of the day all the numbers, certificates and photos in the world mean nothing if you do not like the look of the diamond and it does not sparkle displaying excellent Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.

Many jewellers and diamond dealers will use terms like Hearts and Arrows, Ideal, Excellent, Russian Cut, Belgium Cut, Fine Make and others to describe their diamonds, with the intention of portraying them as 'better' than others. Be wary of accepting these terms as is. They are especially dangerous when assigned to diamonds by the jeweller or diamond dealer themselves without third-party independent support.

It is important to remain aware of the facts and differences with certification and the process, as well as the different grading standards each diamond grading laboratory offers. While it might be possible to find certified diamonds with the same grade stated on a certificate that appears notably cheaper. As a potential diamond buyer you must be aware that there is no single set of parameters diamond laboratories grade to and every laboratory has a different set of standards. There are no huge bargains within the diamond industry so remember, if a certified diamond sounds too good to be true, it probably is and there usually is a reason.

Before you purchase your diamond you may wish to consult in person and view a selection of diamonds. Our qualified sales staff will assist you with your purchase and explain the difference between various diamonds. If you make an appointment you will have the opportunity to do a Diamond Comparison before you make your decision. We encourage people to view a selection of diamonds in our Sydney office, so that they are able to purchase their chosen diamond with complete confidence.

If you are unable to come to our Sydney office, and need further advice or guidance in choosing the best diamond for your budget, you may wish to consult by telephone or email. Diamond Imports will endeavour to guide and advise you with your selection of the best possible diamond.

 Diamond Comparison Policy

We stand behind the quality of our diamonds and offer any customer the opportunity to make a Visual Diamond Comparison

Our Visual Diamond Comparison has a 14 day Money Back Guarantee

Diamond Imports guarantees and ensures that all of our diamonds and diamond jewellery is of the highest quality and is exactly as stated by us on our web site. Our loose diamonds are guaranteed by the accompanying third party independent diamond certification which has been quality assessed by us before shipping, delivery or passing to the client.

We understand that when searching for the right diamond the task can at times be daunting and very confusing. Just comparing diamonds on a diamond price match policy and by the data on a certificate alone is not nearly good enough. You have to visibly compare the diamonds next to each other to truly see which diamond is the better quality diamond.

If you would like to do a Diamond Comparison against another diamond simply purchase the diamond and we will send the diamond to you. You can make your own judgement and do a Diamond Comparison. If you are not completely satisfied then return the diamond within 14 days following the conditions in the returns policy and the diamond purchase will be refunded.

We guarantee the quality of our diamonds and are confident you will too

 Seeing is Believing - Superior Quality Certified Diamonds

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