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Buying Diamonds - The Diamond Imports Difference

Before you start diamond shopping, it is best to have an understanding of what you are buying and the process behind buying a diamond. After reading the following information you will understand the difference between Diamond Imports, other diamond web site dealers and jewellers. When buying a diamond from Diamond Imports the difference is you buy with confidence, at competitive prices, you will understand the diamond you are buying, you deal directly with the owner of the company and you are buying from one of Australia's most respected, experienced and Largest Diamond Wholesalers. We are diamond experts.

 Guaranteed Diamond Availability

All the diamonds displayed on Diamond Imports are in stock and available for immediate purchase from our Sydney Office unless marked sold. Diamond Imports only lists diamonds from Australia.

Unlike most other diamond web sites Diamond Imports does not drop ship, consign or advertise diamonds from other companies, or diamonds that are located overseas. We own all our diamonds, we have the largest selection of certified diamonds that are in stock in Australia.

Most other diamond web sites do not own or physically hold the diamonds in stock that they have advertised online, so how can they offer advice and a professional opinion about a diamond they have never seen? The same diamonds are also listed with hundreds of other jewellers and web site dealers around the world and the diamond may have already been sold.

Diamond Imports is able to Guarantee the Availibilty of all the diamonds listed on our web site and can offer professional advice because all our diamonds are already in Australia and in our Sydney office. Buy loose, certified diamonds from a genuine Australian diamond wholesaler.

At Diamond Imports you can view the diamonds, compare the diamonds and make an informed decision - no more diamond excel lists or talking about diamonds that may not be available.

 Diamonds of Excellence - Excellent Cut Diamonds

Diamond Imports specialize in selling the Highest Quality Certified Diamonds that have been individually selected, independently certified and imported for our web site exclusively. You will not see our diamonds being offered at any other diamond website or retail jeweller.

Diamond Imports has an extensive range of loose, certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Our diamonds are of exceptional quality & cut. We specialise in excellent cut diamonds of the rarest colours - D, E & F that have the purest clarity grades starting at IF - Internally Flawless. On our certified diamond website we have an extensive selection of independently certified loose diamonds with actual diamond photographs -

Round Diamonds, Princess Cut Diamonds, Asscher Cut Diamonds, Cushion Cut Diamonds, Emerald Cut Diamonds, Heart Shape Diamonds, Marquise Cut Diamonds, Oval Shape Diamonds, Radiant Cut Diamonds, Trilliant Cut Diamonds, Fancy Shape Diamonds Pairs and Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

Hearts & Arrows Diamonds
We sell loose, certified diamonds of the highest cut quality and specialise in Excellent Cut Diamonds and Very Good Cut Diamonds. These diamonds display a well defined Hearts & Arrows pattern and have exceptional brilliance, fire, sparkle and light return.

Diamond Imports is Australia's Leading Diamond Wholesaler. We are diamond experts.

 Honest & Competitive Diamond Prices

Diamond Imports adheres to an honest & real pricing system and does not offer false discounts, hold sales or negotiation on our diamond prices. Our diamond prices are genuine wholesale diamond prices and much less than a retail diamond jeweller or jewellery shop. We deal ethically and are confident that we offer competitive diamond prices that have no hidden extras and provide the quality assurance of an Independently Certified diamond with complete disclosure of the diamond specifications and the diamond facts.

Diamond Imports does not charge extra for the Diamond Certificate. When you purchase a Certified Diamond from Diamond Imports you will receive the original Diamond Certificate. For added security and identification purposes the majority of our diamonds include laser inscription with the certificate number.

You can purchase diamonds online, by telephone consultation or in person by an appointment in our Sydney office. Diamond Imports does not charge extra or a premium price for the diamond if you wish to consult in person by appointment. Unlike other diamond web sites our prices are the same no matter which way you choose to purchase your diamond.

Other web site diamond dealers charge a commission or extra when you choose to pay using credit cards - Mastercard & Visa.

 Independent Diamond Certification

All the diamonds listed on Diamond Imports are certified by an Independent Internationally recognised and compliant Diamond Grading Laboratory.

A diamond certificate documents the characteristics of the diamonds quality, colour, cut, clarity & carat weight which are verified by an independent company with no conflict of interest between buyer and seller.

Diamond Imports choose to only sell diamonds that have been certified by DCLA, The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia; GIA, Gemological Institute of America; HRD, The Diamond High Council; and AGS, The American Gem Society. These Independent Internationally Recognised Diamond Grading Laboratories are renowned for their cutting edge technology, the most advanced testing equipment and for having the strictest grading and testing standards. We strongly recommend diamonds that have been certified by DCLA, GIA, HRD or AGS.

 Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Free Rough Diamonds

Diamond Imports has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. We only purchase diamonds directly from De Beers Siteholders, who all strictly adhere to the standards established by the Kimberley Process. This provides a direct and continuous supply of Guaranteed Conflict Free Diamonds.

All our diamonds come with written guarantees from our suppliers, ensuring that the diamonds are Conflict Free, that the diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources which have not been involved in funding conflict and that they are committed to upholding the Kimberley Process and The United Nations resolutions.

When you buy a diamond from Diamond Imports for an engagement ring you can be assured that your diamond has not been used to fund terrorism, crime, war and is NOT a Conflict Diamond or Blood Diamond.

Today, more than 99% of the world's diamonds are now from conflict free sources and are officially traded under the UN mandated Kimberley Process.

 Diamond Professionals

Diamond Imports has over 30 years experience in the Diamond & Jewellery Industries. We are second generation diamond merchants and jewellery manufacturers. Our staff has had extensive experience in all areas of the diamond industry and jewellery trades. We offer guidance, professional advise and friendly service from our GIA trained and Graduate Gemologists. Diamond Imports are foundation members of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia.

Diamond Imports are able to manufacture any ring design or fulfill an individual jewellery design order. If you want a specific ring or jewellery design custom made Diamond Imports has our own team of master jewellers and craftsmen to handle your specific design needs. Diamond Imports will advise and help you in designing an individual piece of jewellery or engagement ring.

Diamond Imports buy diamonds directly from the major international diamond bourses and De Beers Sightholders. The diamonds on our web site have been examined, tested, independently certified and selected for their fine qualities. This translates to substantial savings and competitive pricing to our customers when buying diamonds. Diamond Imports only sells natural diamonds and does not sell any diamond that has been treated or enhanced.

Diamond Imports was the first Australian diamond merchant to detail and disclose the full specifications of the diamonds online, giving access to copies of the diamond certificate, direct links to DCLA & GIA confirm the authenticty of the diamond certificate and also actual diamond microscope photographs. Now in our continued commitment to transparency and ethical diamond trading, Diamond Imports has developed the 'Diamond Zoomer'.

The Diamond Zoomer allows the diamond to be viewed at up to 300x magnification with use of specialised diamond imaging equipment that works inconjunction with our diamond micro photographs.

 Australian Diamond Wholesaler

Diamond Imports is a 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney Australia. Diamond Imports are diamond wholesalers, diamond importers and one of Australia's largest diamond merchants. We are members of the International Diamond Exchange and foundation members of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia. We have the largest selection of DCLA, GIA, HRD & AGS certified diamonds in Australia and we are an authorised ICD Trustmark Jeweller.

Diamond Imports provides customers the satisfaction of knowing that they can rely on professional advice, expert guidance, detailed diamond information and an independent diamond certificate verifying specifications of the diamond. We are the diamond experts.

Diamond Imports offers the convenience of buying diamonds online as well as an Australian head office in Sydney's CBD where we provide personalised diamond consultations by appointment. This enables you to view loose diamonds, compare loose diamonds, consult with a diamond professional and buy certified diamonds directly in person or online.

Diamond Imports does not offer a 'Price Match Policy' we offer a Diamond Comparison Policy. Our diamonds are cut with exceptional standards and they are Independently Certified - DCLA, GIA, HRD or AGS. Our diamonds sparkle with excellent Brilliance, Fire and Scintilation. Most importantly, all our diamonds are in Australia and we are confident that we have the highest quality certified diamonds, that display beautiful Hearts & Arrows.
We invite you to compare our diamonds - Visual Diamond Comparison - Seeing is Believing.

 Comprehensive Diamond Education

Diamond Imports offer one of the most comprehensive online Diamond Education Sections. We believe that knowledge is the key to buying diamonds with confidence. We encourage our customers to gain an understanding about diamonds before they purchase a loose diamond.

Once you are aquainted with such terms as Diamond Colour, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Cut and Diamond Carat Weight - The 4C's - this knowledge will then serve as a foundation and guide towards choosing the right diamond.

Our Diamond Education Section also details various other factors that influence the price and quality of a diamond. More can be read about Hearts & Arrows, Laser Inscription, Diamond Certification, Diamond Shapes, Diamond Settings, Conflict Diamonds and we have also included a good explanation as to what defines a Certified Diamond and a guide to buying diamonds.

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