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Learn About Diamond Laser Inscription

Laser inscription is the use of a very fine, precise laser beam to write a grading report number or customised personal message on the girdle (outside perimeter) of a diamond. The laser inscription is totally invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen with a magnifying loupe or a special diamond inscription viewer.

Diamond laser Inscription Viewer

 Cold or Hot Diamond Laser Inscription?
Cold laser inscription does not change the colour or clarity grade of a diamond and is considered permanent as it can only be removed by a professional diamond cutter. Cold laser uses the latest laser technology that allows excellent control during inscription without damaging the diamond (unlike a hot laser). Laser inscription will ensure that the loose diamond matches the Diamond Certificate. If the diamond is set in the ring it will also confirm that it is the same diamond as the one described on the Diamond Certificate.

Cold laser inscription will never chip or fracture a diamond, because the "cold laser process" (using a short wave length, the very deep-blue part of the spectrum of light-waves) produces no thermal effect on the inscribed gem. Laser inscription that is written with a cold laser process does not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond.

Diamonds that have a laser inscription of the diamond certificate or diamond report number on the girdle of the diamond provide instant verification, added security and peace of mind when making a diamond purchase.
Romantic messages like ‘Forever Yours’ and ‘I love you’ are examples of the most popular inscribed messages. Poetry, symbols, names and special dates can also be laser insribed. Since the diamond laser inscription can be read only when viewed under magnification, you can keep it to yourself or choose to share it with your family and friends.

Cold lasers are used by the all the major international laboratories including GIA, HRD, AGS, DCLA, IGI.

Hot lasers are generally used during manufacturing. Low end hot lasers are sometimes used by retailers for branding purposes. Hot lasers can alter the quality or damage the diamond.

 Does the Diamond Have a Laser Inscription?
The process for having a diamond laser inscribed is as follows. Laboratories working to international standards will not simply inscribe any certificate number onto a diamond. The diamond must first pass a verification test to ensure that the grading certificate is authentic and the diamond matches the certificate. Only then will that certificate number be laser inscribed onto the diamond.

Check your Diamond Quality Report or Diamond Certificate - it will state the Laser Inscription number if it has been inscribed.

DCLA Laser Inscription

Check your certificate to see if your diamond is laser inscribed

GIA Diamond Dossier

GIA Report Number, referred to as the GIA Inscription Registry is included on all diamonds certified with a GIA Diamond Dossier®, these diamonds are micro-laser inscribed with the diamonds unique GIA report number for identification.

GIA Dossier Laser Inscription   GIA Laser Inscription

Verify your Diamond

If the diamond has a laser inscription number or message on it and the information does not appear on the Diamond Certificate it is best to verify that your stone has been inscribed with a cold laser and it is the same stone described on the Diamond Certificate. This will assure that the diamond has not been damaged by hot laser inscription since certification. A diamond verification process is required to test that the diamond matches the certificate and that it has not been damaged or altered by a hot laser inscription.

Laser Inscription Service

If you would like to have your diamond laser inscribed with the Diamond Certificate number or a special message Diamond Imports can arrange to have this process done, it also gives added protection, identification and proof of ownership in the case of loss or left. Using advanced laser inscription technology, we can engrave a special or secret message on the diamond for the ultimate personal touch.

Check your certificate to see if your diamond is laser inscribed.

If the stone has been laser inscribed, the inscription details will appear on the certificate.

PhotoScribe Laser Inscription Machine

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