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"Diamond Imports had the best range , the best advice and the best quality of anyone we saw.Diamond Imports attention to detail when making our hand made ring was wonderful.. So many jewellers we saw did not have the finish we were seeking.Mr Katz was very patient with us and he taught us a lot too."
David - Sydney

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View a selection of our custom designed hand made Diamond Engagement Rings. This selection showcases some of our latest diamond rings and is a great way to view and select a design for your engagem......
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Diamond Imports  - Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 1.00ct - F VS1
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 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 1.00ct - F VS1

A certified Round brilliant cut diamond weighing 1.00 carats, colour graded F colour, with a VS1 clarity grading and a Excellent Cut Grade . This Round brilliant cut diamond has been independently certified by GIA - Gemological Institute of America - GIA # 5116807381.
Polish – Excellent
Symmetry – Excellent
Cut Grade - Excellent
CARAT:  1.00 cts
CERTIFICATE:GIA # 5116807381
CUT GRADE Excellent
POLISH Excellent
SYMMETRY Excellent
PRICE:     SOLD    


Available Now - In Stock - Buy Online Now & Save

WIDTH:  6.42 - 6.46 mm
DEPTH %:  3.94 mm 61.2%
TABLE %:  59.0%
GIRDLE:  Medium to Slightly Thick
CULET:  None
33.5° 13.5 %
3.94 mm 61.2%
43.5 %
Medium to Slightly Thick
6.42 - 6.46 mm

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 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 1.00ct - F VS1   Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 1.00ct - G SI1 
 Round Brilliant Cut
 F Colour
 VS1 Very Slightly Included
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 Email Diamond Details 

"When you are buying your first diamond there is a lot you need to know to be comfortable that you are getting what you pay for. Diamond Imports had the perfect mix of quality, price, and excellent personal service. I recommend Diamond Imports to everyone who want their next diamond investment to be a memorable experience."

"I purchased a diamond for my engagement ring from Daniel at Diamond Imports last year. I couldn't be happier with the advice, service and the of course the diamond. I am so happy with my diamond. If I am ever after another stone I wouldn't hesitate to contact Diamond Imports! "

"Diamond Imports were most competitive in terms of value for money. The fact that all the diamonds advertised were available for inspection is what appealed to me the most, as other wholesalers needed to order what was requested from their chain of suppliers which did not appeal to me having a tight schedule."

"Diamond Imports not only had the best website it was extremely informative all their diamonds were in stock and not overseas. This made it easier to select and choose my diamond."

"Danny has a passion for diamonds that is unrivalled, and he was very helpful in assisting me with one of the most important purchases I've ever made."

"I purchased a diamond for my engagement ring from Daniel at Diamond Imports last year. Daniel was fabulous to deal with, he was always happy to talk about a particular stone and offer his expert advice."

"After finding Diamond Imports online and speaking to Daniel over the phone, I knew I had found the best wholesaler from where to purchase my diamond. Daniels knowledge and passion for diamonds, and jewellery as a whole, was something that struck me from the time I first spoke to him."

"Most informative. Best prices and best quality.You can really see the difference in quality and advice compared to the others we saw.We learnt a lot and very satisifed. DCLA certified diamonds are the best. All the jewellers push GIA but when you compare the difference DCLA is better. Most jewellers had difficulty explaning the difference too.Daniel from Diamond Imports easily explains the difference because he has all the diamonds in stock to make visual comparisons."

"I saw three other diamond dealers and they all try very hard to impress but Daniel seemed more interested in teaching me what to look for without being a crawler. He is refreshingly honest. Check the website. It's kills the others and Diamond Imports has the best selection to choose from at the right price. The DCLA certified diamonds are the best for sure because they are 100% guaranteed accurately. GIA is over rated. Daniel proved it to me."

"Great service, passionate knowledge and charismatic business owners are qualities hard to find nowadays and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Diamond Imports to anyone for purchasing a beautiful diamond."

"When you buy a loose diamond online with Diamond Imports, you will know what you are purchasing with 100% accurately independently graded DCLA diamond certificates : *No blind drop shipping. *No computer guy turned "Diamond Expert " *No claims of “diamonds below wholesale”. *Top quality loose diamonds and jewellery. *Comprehensive and detailed diamond reports and information. *Personalized attention and commitment to customer satisfaction. "

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JEA - Jewellers Ethics Association Independently Certified Diamonds Trustmark DCLA - Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia DDCA - Diamond Dealers Club of Australia HRD - High Diamond Council GIA - Gemological Institute of America Tourist Refund Scheme
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Diamond Imports is a 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney. Diamond Imports are diamond wholesalers and diamond importers. Are you are looking for loose diamonds, certified diamonds or diamonds at wholesale prices? Diamond Imports have an extensive selection of superior quality diamonds at the best possible prices. All the diamonds are independently certified with the highest certification standards including GIA Certified Diamonds. Every diamond on Diamond Imports is in stock in Sydney office and available for immediate purchase unless marked sold. Diamond Imports specialise in selling the finest quality loose certified diamonds, custom designed engagement rings, wedding rings and handcrafted jewellery at wholesale diamond exchange prices. When you are ready to purchase a diamond come and see Australia's Leading Diamond Wholesaler - Diamond Imports Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia.