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"When it came to the biggest moment in my life, I didn't hesitate to call Daniel to help me out. His excellent advice and expertise is only topped by the finished product which my fiance describes as the most beautiful ring she has ever seen.

I am a repeat customer and strongly recommend anyone looking to get the best quality diamonds and service to go see Daniel. You won't be disappointed."
John Berghella - Sydney
"I was not worried about visiting Daniel after reading the testimonials. I had researched, knew what I wanted: the shape, approx size and setting. All his diamonds are higher quality than anything you'll find in the stores, and he is very happy to spend several hours making sure the ring is perfect. He laid out 7 diamonds that I could afford and my partner chose her favourite, and we went smoothly from there. As long as you have a good idea of what you want, he is great. If you go in with no idea, he'll tell you bugger off in no uncertain terms. Love the ring, service was friendly and personal. Look no further, shop with Daniel"
Ryan - Canberra
"If you are someone who is very analytical like me then finding a perfect diamond for the very special someone can be an absolute pain. Diamonds within the ideal cut range as specified by GIA are very hard to find, especially if you want to find one that is within a further refined range as those specified by GIA. I’ve spent weeks checking out diamonds from large chain jewellery stores, jewellers, diamond wholesalers and online local diamond shops and only to find that none of them carries the ideal cut diamond with the colour and clarity that I wanted. Some may offer to source diamonds from the States (USA) but then there are the uncertainties of what if the diamond is not right or not quite what you wanted. Last thing I want was to be pressured into buying a less than ideal diamond just because I felt the obligation to buy.

Then I found Daniel of Diamond Imports. Not only does Daniel have the diamond that fits my very tight requirements, he actually has 5 for me to choose from. Daniel is a very knowledgeable diamond dealer; he will educate you with all the equipment that a typical diamond trader will use for grading diamonds. That day I spent 4 hours with Daniel and picked out the best of the best diamond for the engagement ring and for the past four months my fiancée have been receiving numerous admirations on her diamond ring.

Thank you very much Daniel."

William C - Sydney
"What ever you want Diamond Imports has it. What ever you like, Diamond Imports can do it. Jewellery shopping for most can be a daunting thing, especially when its a premium item. This web site is designed for you to make informed decisions and shop in the comfort of your home. You can re-visit anything you have looked at previously without the standard eye rolling from a sales assistant. When you have narrowed down your preferences and selected a style. Go in and view the most stunning little rocks of your life. But be warned, dont go in without doing some homework as Mr Diamond Imports does not suffer fools easily. He has an answer to every question and nothing is too hard. After only 3 days my engagement ring was designed and created and it is something that dreams are made of. If you want the best and integrity is what you seek this is the place you need to be."
Jodie Peterson
"This was my first time buying a diamond for an engagement ring and Daniel Katz made the process a whole lot easier. He had a great range of diamonds to choose from with one of the best diamond websites I have seen. It was so easy to view and compare different diamonds without even having to meet him! I'm from Canberra so I had to travel to Sydney to view the diamonds in person. The trip was very much worth it given the money I ended up saving.

We also had our ring made with Daniel. He quoted us 3 weeks but ended up finishing it in half that time! He sent the ring by express post platinum overnight and it all felt very secure. I wasn't worried in the slightest.

Thanks Daniel, hope to deal with you again."
Leng - Canberra
"My partner and I spent some time researching on diamonds for my engagement ring as we knew nothing about it. We went and viewed some diamonds at wholesalers around Sydney and saw many that did not stand out even though the certificates had looked good. Going to Diamond Imports was the best thing we could have done. Daniel was very honest and further informed us on everything we needed to know. My diamond is absolutely beautiful and I feel very fortunate that I get to wear this forever!! Thanks!"
Kelly N - Sydney
"Before I met Daniel at Diamond Imports, I had been to at least 8 jewellers. Each Jeweller I walked out of left me feeling even more confused. I knew what I wanted to buy and I also had the general knowledge of the four C's when considering a diamond. But let me just say, the moment I walked into Diamond Imports, I knew that all the others just could not compete. Daniel is one of the most passionate diamond lovers I have ever come across. When Daniel educates you, he goes beyond the four C's and really prepares you for what you are about to buy. For anyone who is reading this testimony, let me just say that you will not regret shopping at Diamond Imports. You will receive professional advice, a great price and more importantly, the confidence required when buying a diamond. Daniel went above and beyond my expectations and the diamond ring which I collected at the end of the purchase was stunning. A great eye for a great man. Daniel, thank you so much for your friendly and courteous approach at such an important time of my life."

Rob N - Sydney
Rob N
"Thank you so much Daniel for an absolutely lovely diamond! Thank you for 'educating' me on ALL aspects of Diamonds. Your knowledge on diamonds is second to none, your great service made my buying experience a pleasant one. After picking it up, I couldnt stop staring at it!"
Ben Huynh
Great Service - "Very knowledgable and a great experience. After speaking with jewellers who made no sense Mr Katz made everything crystal clear. He made us a beautiful ring perfectly made with finesse. We could not believe the price compared to what others charged."
T Wang - Penrith
Beautiful Diamonds - "Best range and best advice of anyone. Don't waste your time looking anywhere else. I did a lot of running around and was glad to find Diamond Imports."
Troy - Cronulla
"Daniel Katz of Diamond Imports would have to be the most candid, honest and knowledgable diamond dealer I ever dealt with although I never met him face to face. Attention to every small detail and in constant touch I was pleasantly surprised seeing I was dealing with an unknown. But be warned... he is a man in a hurry and does not waste his time..he can seem abrasive so do your homework before you call him by registering to diamondimports . You will not be sorry. I will be buying again for sure. The right price for really good quality diamonds. It beats going to those chain stores or those bodgy Melbourne diamond websites who never carry any stock anyway."
Becky - Melbourne
Amazing Experience -
"She said yes ! Thanks man...Danny is a diamond stud.What a difference to all the other diamond websites. There is no comparison.The ring was perfect. Considering how objectionable Danny may seem at first the service and advice was first class. Word of advice...do your research first or he will not see you.It took me two times before he allowed an appointment.It was worth it. I am so happy."
Worth the Trip - "I saw three other diamond dealers and they all try very hard to impress but Daniel seemed more interested in teaching me what to look for without being a crawler. He is refreshingly honest. Check the website. It's kiils the others and Diamond Imports has the best selection to choose from at the right price. The DCLA certified diamonds are the best for sure because they are 100% guaranteed accurately. GIA is over rated. Daniel proved it to me. My lady gave me a big wet kiss...thanks mate ! It was worth the trip."
David Mc - Forster
"Looking for a diamond is challenging. Daniel Katz of Diamond Imports made us both feel at ease. He really knows his stuff and makes a lot of sense."
Stephen & Tanya - Port Macquarie
Sensational - "I ordered my diamond from Diamond Imports over the telephone after reading the previous comments posted on here. Normally I would not take such a risk but after speaking with Mr Katz on the phone he made more sense than anyone else so I thought what the heck. I'll do it ! And WOW !!!! What a difference compared to the shysters I saw in Melbourne. Mr Katz pushes the Australian diamond certificate from DCLA. It just seems to make more sense than buying a foreign grading report with no legal recall. I am very happy with my diamond purchase. A real sparkler. Thank you Diamond Imports"
Mark - Melbourne
Real Expert - "We flew down to Sydney and all I can say it was well worth the air fare. Daniel is a real diamond expert. It was a relief knowing we were in trustworthy hands. We were treated with complete respect and Daniel showed us what to look for in diamonds better than anyone else we met. We will be buying from Diamond Imports again for sure. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. Our oval cut diamond is beautiful."
Ian - Brisbane
"Diamond Imports had the best range , the best advice and the best quality of anyone we saw.Diamond Imports attention to detail when making our hand made ring was wonderful.. So many jewellers we saw did not have the finish we were seeking.Mr Katz was very patient with us and he taught us a lot too."
David - Sydney
"Most informative. Best prices and best quality.You can really see the difference in quality and advice compared to the others we saw.We learnt a lot and very satisifed. DCLA certified diamonds are the best. All the jewellers push GIA but when you compare the difference DCLA is better. Most jewellers had difficulty explaning the difference too.Daniel from Diamond Imports easily explains the difference because he has all the diamonds in stock to make visual comparisons."
"Two days after we picked up the engagement ring Danny helped us design, I emailed him to say how much we love it. In fact, I've almost had car accidents when driving as I am staring at the ring - not the road! Everyone remarks how it's like a classic engagement ring - but with a real twist that puts it in a class of its own. The bad news for my fiance is that thanks to Danny's passion for diamonds and his ability to communicate the finer points of a rock, I've gone from being a non-jewellery person to being really very keen on the thought of more diamonds."

Fiona and Dave
"Where do I start?!

First of all, buy from Daniel Katz. When someone knows their stuff as much as Daniel and is as passionate about what he does, you know you have found someone you can trust.

This was my first experience buying a diamond and I can honestly say I feel blessed to have found someone with so much care and knowledge. When spending money on a diamond, you need to know that what you are paying for is worth the quality and service you are getting. There is no point getting a recommendation to a ‘friend of a friend who knows someone’ who can ‘get you a good deal’. There are too many variables in the makeup of a good diamond to risk not speaking with a professional. Not only will Daniel spend time educating you on the quality of the diamond you can afford, but he also ensures it is set perfectly through a personal network of craftsmen. Make sure you either do you research first to understand that the quality of what you are getting is far superior, or, go to him direct and trust in his words as gospel as he is the best. I stare at my sparkler every moment of everyday and both friends and strangers comment on the quality of my diamond and the beautiful ring it is set in-thank you Daniel."
Aimee Baker

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