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"Daniel is a very sweet gentleman who looked after us from the moment we stepped into his office. That is after I managed to convince him that I was definitely there to buy. As for the ring, it surpassed all my expectations. The beauty of the diamond is beyond beautiful and sitting elegantly in a platinum ring, what more could one ask for? Thank you Daniel, for your time, patience, education, passion and genuineness. We will be coming back to you again!"
Shanji Antony
"I knew nothing about diamonds and almost bought an engagement ring from a retail outlet, where the price of the ring included the cost of the retailers overheads....rent, staff etc. etc.
I was sceptical about the advice the young sales assistant was giving me....Yes, it was a diamond, and Yes, it sparkled!
I took to the internet and did some research, after reading the 'Education' section on the Diamond Imports website I felt like an expert and registered my details with Daniel, who turned out to be a real Gem (pardon the pun)
I did not spend a fortune, but was treated with respect and felt very comfortable throughout the whole process, I ended up with a beautifull (certified)diamond that was set and sized perfectly.
It is so much more personal to buy a ring this way.
My fiance was very impressed with my efforts, and over the moon with the ring."
Mark Longhurst
"I was very nervous when I started the journey to find the perfect ring, then I found Diamond Imports. I had learnt a little from retail stores but not enough to give me the confidence in where my money was going and why. Daniel at 'Diamond Imports' helped me understand everything about diamonds, which led me to find my perfect diamond. He was extremely helpful, spoke in a language easy to understand and most importantly gave me that needed confidence to make my purchase. I will be recommending him to all my friends."
Amelia Burns
"Myself and more importantly my fiance are extremely happy with our beautiful diamond. When we began searching we were novices before Daniel had taken the time to share his deep knowledge with us. We were clear about what we wanted. Daniel had an endless selection of brilliant diamonds (pun intended) for us to select and we would happily recommend his services to any diamond / ring shopper."
Brett Seet
"After searching the internet for reputable diamond dealers in Sydney, we became very disappointed, as all the companies didn't have on hand the diamonds for us to look at . Then I came across Mr Katz website. We spoke over the phone for a long time about what we were wanting for our engagement ring etc. Then he told us he has all the diamonds in stock for us to look at and choose from. That blew us away as that is unheard of these days. He is a pleasant, experienced person to deal with not to mention how passionate he is about his diamonds, and you just automatically feel very at ease and comfortable knowing what you are spending your money on, and that is beautiful quality diamonds! The ring turned out as beautiful as we imagined and could not be happier. We would definately deal with Mr Daniel Katz again in the future."

Thank you again Daniel!
Ian & Angela
"After visiting many internet diamond dealers claiming to have the best diamonds, I stumbled upon Daniel's website. This was to be the most fortunate part of my diamond buying experience as Daniel educated and confirmed many points regarding diamond quality and value.

Even though my profession as a Geologist gave me a somewhat more in depth understanding of diamonds than most, Daniel was able to impart much more knowledge of what was important when assessing a diamond.

I appreciated Daniel's no nonsense, direct and truthful approach regarding diamonds. His teachings ensured I compared "apples with apples" and allowed me to make the right purchase.

Even after buying the diamond, Daniel went above and beyond what any ordinary retailer would do, including a lengthy consultation on my purchased stone.

Needless to say this left me with utmost confidence in my investment and piece of mind when proposing to my now fiance. She was and still is in complete rapture with the ring, receiving numerous comments on its brilliance every day.

Thank you Daniel, from both of us! "
Nicholas Villa
"My partner and I spent a lot of time doing our research online and by visiting our local jewellers. On the whole, we were disappointed with the availability on hand for the cuts of diamonds we were interested in. I was tired of the pressure sales tactics some of the so called established retailers tried to use. I was also fed up with some of the other wholesale diamond dealers either not getting back to me for my enquiries or not having the diamonds I wanted to look at with advance notice when I arrived on their premises.

Dealing with Daniel Katz at Diamond imports has been a breath of fresh air. The Diamonds listed on the website were in stock as promised and advertised. I could view all the certificates for the diamonds online which was a big plus. The communication from him was very prompt leading up to our appointment via emails and phone conversations.

I was a bit apprehensive from other testimonials listed here about his direct personality. All I can say is, we got on like a house on fire and I really appreciated his frank and honest advice. You can really sense his passion for the industry he is involved in. It was an easy and straight forward transaction.

Daniel then guided my partner on her engagement band design requests. He was confident enough to design and make a custom designed band in TWO days which I thought was a tall order. All the other places quoted me two weeks. True to his word the band was made and the diamond was set within two days as promised. Truly a fantastic effort as this was completed over a weekend.
Needless to say my partner was duly impressed and fell in love with Daniels craftsmanship and quality of what he had created for us. My partner is very particular with what she wants and Diamond Imports met her requirements to the letter and she is 100% satisfied.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of my friends or family members to purchase diamonds from Daniel Katz at Diamond Imports. The whole experience was beyond my expectations. We flew to Sydney with the main purpose of purchasing a diamond within four days if we could find, THE ONE. We flew out an engaged couple with the engagement ring on her finger with big smiles on both of our faces. If you’re serious about buying a diamond, do yourself a favour and do your research in what you want then contact Daniel and I promise you will not be disappointed. "
Jason from Adelaide
"What can I say other than I am extremely pleased with Daniel, his craftmanship and the diamonds he sold me. I was so over joyed when Daniel showed me the ring he constructed that my first recation was to give him a big bear hug. Daniel will be the one and only person I will ever go to to buy my jewellery from. I definately will be referring my family and friends to him. Daniel at first can come accross as being abrupt but I wouldn't have him any other way. Daniel's passion for quality and his enthusiam sold me straight away. He is the only diamond merchant in Sydney and probably Australia that owns everything he has in stock and what a massive inventory he has too. When jewellery stores say "we can get that in" they never do and they don't ever call you back. Daniel is the only one who has everything in stock all colours, shapes, sizes & weight etc... definately go and waste your time looking at the other retailers out there because only then will you undertsand why Daniel is so passionate and you will notice the massive difference as to what the retailers have and what quality actually is when you visit Daniel. Daniel you are the best !!! The ring is simply stunning !!!"
James Papachristou
"I live in a remote location and decided to look on the internet to see what's available rather than pay exorbitant prices for something locally. During my search I found several diamond web pages. It was a big decision for me to pay for something over the internet that I wouldn't see until it arrived in my mail box, hoping that I would like it, that I would actually receive it and that it was in fact what I paid for. I found Daniel's webpage, it was easy to understand and use and there was a lot of background information about Daniel. I contacted Daniel and found him extremely helpful, trustworthy and he has a large knowledge base. I made a selection on the internet and had several questions about my purchase. Daniel was prompt in replying each time and made my purchase easy. I was surprised at how fast I received my 'package' in the mail and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I recommend purchasing from Diamond Imports particularly for those who can't make it to Sydney and trust that you will receive excellent service and will love what you purchase. Thank you Daniel."
"I was looking to purchase a diamond for an engagement ring. Mr Katz provided a thorough, clearly informed and surprisingly honest explanation of diamonds, their value and what to look for. I did not hesitate to purchase from him and will do so again if I'm in the market for more diamonds, cheers!"
"What an amazing level of service and professionalism! Daniel, I trusted you from a distance (Melbourne) to organise an asscher diamond ring for my wife. You acted with such honesty and integrity and kept me up to date throughout the process of buying such an important asset for my beloved. Your customer service, knowledge and attention to detail brings a new life to buying goods over the internet from reputable people in Australia. Something that I have not seen in Victoria from any diamond expert. I would happily recommend you to anyone interested in buying that 'special gift' for a loved one. Thank you. Paul Smith"
Paul Smith - Melbourne
"Without knowing diamonds or rings (I only had a budget and a rough idea what I wanted), I set about expanding my knowledge on the internet. I quickly found Daniel's website and decided to send him an email with my budget price and what I was after. He quickly responded and we ended up talking for about 10 minutes on the phone.
It was the easiest process you could imagine. Basically at the end of the call, we had decided on a diamond and a ring to fit my budget and 'ideas'. Of course there were doubts (because my budget wasn't that great), but when I actually went to pick it up, (first time meeting Daniel) I saw the ring and diamond and was very impressed. It was beautiful. Sure the diamond wasn't the most expensive, but it was perfect for what I could afford and for what I was after. It looked fantastic and I am glad that I put myself in Daniel's capable hands. I will surely be back, as he doesn't stuff you around, waste your time, or lie to you. For this, he is great. Thanks again. "
Kerry Scott
"I recently bought an engagement ring from Daniel at Diamond Imports and I have to say it was an impressive experience. Daniel is indeed a colourful character with a great sense of humour and an immense knowledge of diamonds. His patience and willingness to share this knowledge, coupled with his incredible selection of diamonds, enabled me to pick a diamond that ticked all the boxes - at the right price. Daniel then helped me select a ring and had it set and ready for pickup within three hours! Thanks again Daniel. The ring is simply beautiful and it fitted perfectly. My now fiance is absolutely thrilled. And you were right - my misgivings about the setting were unfounded! I have no doubt we will be back to see you again and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to our friends!
John Duggan."
John Duggan - Sydney
"Danny is a colourful character. You should know this before your first meeting. But for those that have got to know him you will appreciate that this is Danny, and he is someone that knows his diamonds. Know what you are looking for and you will be sure to get a diamond that will be the envy of your friends at a price that can not be beaten. My wife and I acquired our engagement ring with Danny and then subsequently our wedding bands. A very happy customer who has purchased twice.
I will be coming back again!"
Trent Duvall - Sydney
"There is only 1 Jeweller to buy diamonds from in Sydney and this is Daniel Katz from Diamond Imports. Trust me you will save loads of money and certainly end up with a much better quality diamond for your money than going to any of the big name retail jewellers and most of the other diamond wholesalers.
I recently bought an engagement ring and was referred to Daniel by a family friend. Please note, when you first speak with Daniel he sounds quite rude on the phone, a little abrupt and somewhat pushy, but dont let that discourage you as when you get to know him he is certainly is a genuine bloke and wont bullsh*t you.
Apart from his enthusiasm and genuine passion for diamonds, his point of difference from the rest of them is really quite simple ........ He OWNS ALL HIS DIAMONDS and most of the others don't!!!!!!! What most of the others do is they swap diamonds, almost like what kids do with football cards. You will go from appointment to appointment with different jewelers and a lot of the time you will be seeing exactly the same diamonds ..... to this day I still don't understand who actually owns these diamonds. Because Daniel has such a large amount of stock on hand you are able to compare many diamonds side by side enabling you to make a better educated decision before purchasing.
My advise is if you have no experience buying diamonds like I did, go and see some of the other jewellers first so you get a good feel and then don't buy anything until you have at least met with Daniel, I promise you won't be disappointed."
Cameron Grier
"I purchased my fiance's engagement ring from Danny back in July 09 and my fiance absolutely loves it. Danny is extremely knowledgeable and straight forward. I believe it is exactly what you need when you're making such a big emotional and financial investment. He does not try to talk up any of his products as you would expect from other establishments and simply tells you how it is. There was never any pressure to buy and Danny was more concerned that I was well educated and got exactly what I was looking for. Danny's sense of humour may not be for all but I certainly found him to be quiet hillarious and as he says "the jokes are part of the service". I recommend you educate yourself as much as possible by seeing other jewellers before you see him and he will guide you from there. Good luck."
Francis - Sydney
"If you are considering using Diamond Imports and Daniel Katz to assist you in your diamond purchase I think that you must first realise that you will be dealing with a Diamond Expert as opposed to a Diamond Sales-man. It struck me that the man seems much more interested in passing on information (as well as a portion of his passion) in regards to diamonds, diamond trade and the larger diamond industry than he was in making the sale and sending me on my way. He was upfront in the type of product that I could and could not expect for the money that I was willing to spend, which was a refreshing change from the other diamond dealers that seemed to offer a standard response promising me the world no matter what constrains or limitations I had on my purchase. During my hour meeting with Daniel I learned a lot more about diamonds than I did from 12 hours of online research. As a novice I cannot say whether on not a purchase from Daniel will give you the best quality diamond for the lowest possible price (there are many websites of dubious integrity which claim this), I am however confident in the value and quality of the purchase that I have made. To Daniel: Thank you for your assistance in helping to make this very important purchase. My now fiancé loves the ring, I look forward to our next meeting and future purchases from you. Warmest Regards, Lloyd"
Lloyd - Canberra
"Diamond Imports were very helpful, responded to all my enquiries promptly and my diamond is gorgeous. Thank you Diamond Imports!"
Krystyna - Melbourne
"I would highly recommend Diamond Imports to any one who is in the market to buy a diamond. Most of us don't make these purchases very often. For us, it felt like we were embarking on spending a lot of money on something we had little knowledge about. Diamond Imports spent the time to educate us on exactly what we were buying. We didn't get this level of service from any other jeweller around town. We walked away from the experience feeling very confident that we had spent our budget on the best possible diamond that we could afford and that we made an informed decision. The result is one very happy bride to be who has had many compliments on the beauty of the diamond. A sincere thank you."
Michelle Baker
I would highly recommend Diamond Imports to any one who is in the market to buy a diamond. Most of us don't make these purchases very often. For us, it felt like we were embarking on spending a lot of money on something we had little knowledge about. Diamond Imports spent the time to educate us on exactly what we were buying. We didn't get this level of service from any other jeweller around town. We walked away from the experience feeling very confident that we had spent our budget on the best possible diamond that we could afford and that we made an informed decision. The result is one very happy bride to be who has had many compliments on the beauty of the diamond. A sincere thank you.
Michelle Baker

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