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Diamond Engagement Ring Designs - Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement Rings come in a variety of styles these days. There are several designs to choose from when it is time to purchase your engagement ring. As shown below in the pictures, the various common styles are: Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting, Solitaire Cathedral Ring Setting, Diamond Ring Setting with baguette diamonds, Diamond 3 stone enagement ring setting, Diamond Wedding sets, and a Channel set diamond engagement ring. These are some of the most popular engagement ring designs, and they can be adapted to suit the diamonds shape and size. If you are not sure what diamond engagement ring design to choose, we strongly suggest a Solitaire diamond setting in white gold, as that is usually the most popular choice and a classic diamond engagement ring design. We have an exceptional range of certified loose diamonds to create the perfect diamond engagement ring. Round Brilliant Cut and Princess Cut diamonds are the most popular shapes for diamond engagement rings however there are many other fancy shaped diamonds that are unique which make beautiful engagement rings.

Diamond Solitaire Rings    Diamond Cathedral Rings Diamond Channel Set Rings       Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond Baguette Set Rings       Three Stone Diamond Rings

Apart from the engagement ring design there is also the setting style of the actual diamonds to consider. The setting for your enagement ring is like a picture frame, it holds and protects the diamond, and enhances its beauty. Below are examples of different ways diamonds can be set for stunning engagement rings. All our diamond engagement rings are handcrafted to specific order by our master jewellers according to the individual design and shape of the diamond.

Diamond Claw Set Rings - Diamond Prong Set Rings
Diamond Claw Setting - Diamond Prong Setting - Diamond Settings Diamond Claw Setting - Diamond Prong Setting

Diamond Bezel Set Rings
Diamond Bezel Setting Diamond Bezel Setting

Diamond Channel Set Rings
Diamond Channel Setting Diamond Channel Set Rings

Diamond Pave Set Rings
Diamond Pave Setting Diamond Pave Set Rings

Diamond Bar Set Rings
Diamond Bar Setting Diamond Bar Set Rings

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